Kids Den


By Vanessa  Hi. I’m Shimmer Glowington, an adolescent star. I’m bored with school over and all, so I started writing. Not very much to do today. I already finished my reading list, and my room-cleaning! First of all, I’d like to point out that stars can talk, write, read, and do anything that mortals can …

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Woolly Rhino

By Allen Ma Wooly rhinos are amazing– and I am like a wooly rhino because I do better in the extreme frosty cold weather! I sometimes go outside in the snow just in my shorts and tee shirt! Long long ago, my friends the Wooly rhinos loved the cold weather of the arctic and other …

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Wolves: The True Saviors

By Vanessa Chen  “Isn’t it a great day, Papa?” Little Sarah Jenkins asked her father. Her father and older sister Meredith were out birdwatching in the woods near their house. “Sarah, stop asking silly questions and bothering Papa. You’re going to scare away the birds!” scolded Meredith. Meredith was always scolding; Sarah had gotten used …

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