our story

Our vision is for people to really feel for the flora and fauna we share this planet with.

a new chapter in life

The Sentient Movement is a global network of problem solvers. 

We are an international environmental team focused on protecting biodiversity and preserving sentience by fostering empathy. 

Sentient Movement is built on 3 fundamental prongs: Legal & Civil rights for Flora and Fauna, a Sentient Curriculum, and a platform for dreams. These 3 focuses are the foundation which help achieve our goal of fostering empathy in today’s society. 

The current challenges we face with animal exploitation, unsustainable farming, climate change, and much more are the result of our disconnect with sentience. We lack empathy, and without it not only will we destroy all life and sentience, we will also lead our own species to perish. 

At Sentient Movement we investigate and conceptualize sustainable agriculture, genetically modifying coral reefs, soil and fungi, microbots for the environment, and Quantum computing to help feed the world.

And this is just a few of the things we do