Woolly Rhino

By Allen Ma

Wooly rhinos are amazing– and I am like a wooly rhino because I do better in the extreme frosty cold weather! I sometimes go outside in the snow just in my shorts and tee shirt!


Long long ago, my friends the Wooly rhinos loved the cold weather of the arctic and other cold places on planet earth. They may have lived on other planets but we are not sure! 


When Earth started to get warm, they were in trouble!!! They didn’t really like coconuts or bananas!!! And so they started to die– very very sad! This is called the process of extinction. 


Surprisingly, it was not the hunters who were killing them, but was the earth itself that made them extinct. Wooly rhinos were alive 18,000 years ago when their numbers started to decrease.They died out about 14,000 years ago from climate change and ice melting. 


I also have lots of DNA that live inside me and if I go extinct, the Wooly rhino part of me could come back to life. If bananas went extinct, we could use 60% of our DNA to bring them back to life. I have a friend named Louis who is  made of 90% bananas’s DNA. 


Ancient DNA show that the number of wooly rhinos didn’t change much after humans came. This ancient DNA also showed that most of the Wooly rhino species decreased dramatically in a couple hundred years after climate change. The climate change happened when the temperature suddenly turned warm and started raining a lot. The Wooly rhinos were adapted to the cold and couldn’t stand staying in the warm weather. Because of this, the fuzzy, Wooly rhino has become extinct.

But if they clone me, it is possible they may return!

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