Biospheric Restoration Systems

Combining one of the most powerful forms of reforestation, Miyawaki Reforestation with Container Farming (Controlled Environmental Agriculture), we hope to begin reforesting and restoring the planet. With these methods combined we have a plan for rapid reforestation.

Miyawaki Farming Paper

A background paper written by Co-Founder Ronan Taylor discussing the development of the Biospheric Restoration Systems (BRS). The paper covers the following topics:

  • Plants in the Past
  • The Current Situation 
  • The Miyawaki Method
  • Incorporating New Technologies
  • Using the Past to Save the Future

We hope to provide a thorough run through on our project and what we hope to improve.

For a better viewing experience, feel free to download the PDF:

conceptual framework

Our goal is to improve current reforestation methods which is why we designed Biospheric Restoration Systems. We are currently in the process of purchasing a container farm and hope to begin testing in early January 2022

We began this project at the beginning of the 2021 year in hopes of helping reforest the Amazon. After observing all other methods, we realized that the most efficient reforestation method would have to combine both Miyawaki and Container Farming. 

If you would like to participate, please feel free to sign up for our monthly International Roundtable Discussions.

Conceptual Framework: Document covering the beginning of the Biospheric Restoration Systems and more background on the dam construction in Brazil. 

Download PDF for better viewing experience:

Research Team:

Mark Horler

Co-Founder of BRS

Sonia Kurian

Co-Founder of BRS

Ronan Taylor

Co-Founder of BRS