Wolves: The True Saviors

By Vanessa Chen 

“Isn’t it a great day, Papa?” Little Sarah Jenkins asked her father. Her father and older sister Meredith were out birdwatching in the woods near their house. “Sarah, stop asking silly questions and bothering Papa. You’re going to scare away the birds!” scolded Meredith. Meredith was always scolding; Sarah had gotten used to it. She didn’t bother listening to Meredith anymore, and started creeping down the path quickly while her father and sister were watching a blue breasted jay flying. Soon, Sarah was lost. She started crying and sat down on a rock. Sarah didn’t know what to do, since it was getting really dark! 

Suddenly, something moved in the bushes behind her. A wolf swiftly came out. Sarah was petrified. Would the wolf eat her? The wolf softly pushed the girl toward a cave. Sarah walked slowly toward the cave entrance. She gasped in amazement as she saw a litter of wolf pups snuggled up in a nest. The wolf pushed Sarah to a big nest and got in beside her. Sarah didn’t think about anything, except the warmth of Mother Wolf. Smiling, she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Sarah found Mother Wolf already awake. The wolf nuzzled Sarah and pulled her to the entrance. Then, Mother Wolf wagged her tail once and broke into a trot. Sarah followed her. She hurried over a last fallen log, and voila! There was her little cabin! Thank you, she said to Mother Wolf, before running joyfully up the steps of the porch.

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