By Vanessa 

Hi. I’m Shimmer Glowington, an adolescent star. I’m bored with school over and all, so I started writing. Not very much to do today. I already finished my reading list, and my room-cleaning! First of all, I’d like to point out that stars can talk, write, read, and do anything that mortals can do. Even more maybe!


Super Star fact number 1: We help guide sailors. How do we do that? Well, a council of stars called the Northern Council form a super-bright star named the North Star. Sailors use this star and many others to find their way when sailing. Case in point: Moana. Yes, that very popular Disney movie used us stars to guide their heroine!


Super Star fact number 2: without us, you’d be stumbling in the dark! That’s right! If we weren’t here, there would be no getting up at night to go for a jog outside, just tries to not think of the darkness out there. You might wonder how we produce light, well, I’ll explain. We are made of blinding white light. Yes, that’s why. Not because we are made of parmesan cheese.



Super Star fact number 3: We actually make the sun! It’s made of one gigantic star and the star was named Sun. Awesome right?


I am warning humans, stop air pollution because they cover us stars up!

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