The Saviors of Species (part two)

By: Vanessa

    Breezebeak blinked, then squawked, “Oh no.” I gulped, Leafula grimly said, “Do you want to search for the lost water, Skalia? I know where to go.” I shuddered at the idea. However, tons of animals were dying because of Lernius, an evil tiger. That wasn’t his real name, but nobody knew what it was. I squeaked, “M-Maybe we c-could plan this out f-first? At you-know-where?”. My friends both nodded.

Leafula, being a colugo, was able to glide from tree to tree. However, she was special; her special ‘wings’  were thicker, larger, and stretched all the way to her feet, so Leafula could glide in the wind for at least two hours, maybe three. We  got to our hideout from Lernius: a giant hollow pillar of rock that went deep into the soil. We entered through a crevice that Breezebeak barely squeezed through. Leafula landed, followed by Breezy. I slid off his back and turned to creep away in a crack in the wall, saying, “ Let’s camp here for the night.”

The next morning, I woke to the sound of growling- a tiger growling. I listened intently. I heard a voice muttering through the thick wall, “This Animalia needs to get dry faster. I need more water suckers. Arrgh!” Then, the voice faded. I trembled, knowing that it was Lernius. We had to go quickly to stop him. I called up Leafula, then we woke up Breezebeak. I climbed up on a high ledge and said, “Lernius  has passed this rock pillar once. I heard him. He muttered something like he needed to let Animalia dry more quickly.”

Breezy snapped on his helmet, belt/scabbard, and diamond breastplate. I put on my quiver, bow, and armor, and Leafula put on her cloak, dagger, and shield. Together, with me riding on Breezy’s back, we soared off, heading toward the rising sun to a cave far, far away.

“I think I’ll go check it out.” I said. And slipped into the cave.



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