The Diary Of a Kitty Cat

By: Vanessa

July 26, 2018. At animal shelter


Hello. I’m a cat. Name’s Alison. I’m a snow-white cat, with one green eye and one yellow eye. Guess I feel bad because I was dumped on the side of the road by mom, a gray tabby. Dad, a snow-white cat, brought me to this shelter thing. He couldn’t feed me. I was raised here. Sometimes upright-walkers come in to look. I never got taken. I like this place. With its scents and critters. However, I am still a wild cat at heart.


July 29, 2018. Still at animal shelter

Dear Little-paw (you),

I am having the worst luck! Today, a family of upright-walkers came in. Well, when I say family I mean a father, and a ten-year old girl. She took one sweeping look across the room, and fixated on me. Uh-oh, I thought. She said, “Father, I only like this cat here.” And pointed to me. The upright-walker in charge of cats said, “She’s Alison.” Actually, that wasn’t my given name. I was born named Bravespirit, guess it’s because my dad an’ my mom abandoned me. The kid took me home.


July 30, 2018. At giant house in the forest.

We stopped the vehicle. Woah, I thought. The driver and the girl got out, the girl holding me tight. “Hmm,” she spoke, “I will call her Bravespirit, after Merida from Brave, and she looks feisty.” The dad nodded, “Good name, Arisa.” I thought that Arisa would take me in or something, instead, she said, “I understand cat-talk. You want to go out. You can. Just please come back this evening at ten. Well, I thought, this gal has got a talent! I bounded into the forest. At last, I was free again! (well, actually, just for 10 hours since it’s twelve.)






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