My Travels- a message from China

By Emma

This summer I went to inner Mongolia’s super big prairie and it was very beautiful. With green grass covering all the mountain and the sky is covered with clouds of all shapes, all white and clear. One day my mom told me that Hulunbeier’s prairie is the best in China now because lots of other prairies are used by people for farm work, so the grass is all ruined. Also, if a land is needed for farm work, the roots of grasses are also needed to be pulled out and it can only become part of the prairie again when people plant new grass on it, but it wont be natural, it wont be the same.

So, I think we should stop damaging the prairies for farm work and a lot of other things such as we cannot let cars step on the grass when there isn’t a path for cars to go on. Those are the biggest problems now and we really need to solve them!

First, we should solve the problem about farming, but we can’t destroy land for farming anymore. Then, the prairie will be destroyed, and it will just disappear, I don’t want those beautiful lands to disappear so we cannot use land for farming anymore

The second problem is that we can’t drive on the grass with cars anymore, we could step on the prairie with cars, but we can only step on places for cars (land that is clear of grass and full on soil). Otherwise, we will destroy the land!

In conclusion, I think we cannot destroy those beautiful land and I hope we will all take care of that!

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