Flora and Fauna

We want to protect all work being done to protect the environment. 

Without rights, all efforts to protect will be lost 


We will be focussing our efforts on Ecuador's Amazonian forests and protecting the Pestalotiopsis


In Brazil our efforts will be geared around Tapajos- Xingu Moist Forests in the Amazonia


Our team in India will be focussed on rights in Hyderabad, India

Let Us Work While You Unwind

According to the 1985 Oxford English Dictionary, Speciesism is the discrimination against or exploitation of certain animal species by human beings, based on assumption of mankind’s superiority

The main goal we strive for as community is to expand and accept both human and non-humans which we hope to achieve with Civil and Legal Rights.

Scientific literature review regarding all places listed above will be posted shortly.

We would love for you to join the movement!

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