How Our Emotions Impact our Decisions

By Sudiksha Mallick

Our Emotions Have A Major Impact On Our Lives From Making Decisions To Our Relationship With Others. Everyone Feels Emotions, But Do We Really Understand Why We Feel A Certain Way? 

Most Often Humans Will Experience An Emotion, But Will Fail To Even Notice Them. With Our Emotions Playing Such An Important Role In Our Lives We Have To Figure Out A Way To Recognize Them And Understand Them. 

To Get A Deeper Understanding Of Our Emotions We Must Learn Where They Come From And How Different Things In Our Lives Affect How We Feel. Our Senses, Music, Flowers, And The Environment And The People We Surround Ourselves With All Have An Impact On Our Emotions. 

If We Learn How To Change These Different Things In Our Lives Then We Can Learn How To Influence How We Feel. This Will Allow Us To Have Control Over Our Lives Instead Of Letting Our Emotions Control Us And Will Give Us A Sense Of Freedom

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