White Giraffe

By Vanessa Chen

I’m Alexander. I  am a white giraffe and I am sad. I miss the long grass that swishes as I walk. I miss the bright cyan sky that I look up to, making me happy. But most of all, I miss my family.

            They came in the night. Hunters. Swift and fast. They killed my mate and daughter. While I trudged sadly away, I found a beautiful saffron flower, which would suffice as a parting present. As I went to place it on the pure white body, a hand placed it on mine. Leah’s hand. It gently arranged the flower on the corpse.

             Leah is my keeper. She understands me perfectly, so it makes sense for her to be my best friend. I’m trying to adjust, and she is helping greatly. One of the females, Akira, is going to be my mate.

            P.S. I am the ONLY white giraffe left!! HELP US SAVE THE SPECIES!!


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