Aardvarks– Nature’s Cry for Help

Like any mother, the Earth has a certain valor and charm when trying to reach out and communicate with the children who walk upon her. Aardvarks, our burrowing and nocturnal companions happen to be the very window she uses to get through to the human world.

Aardvarks are known to be an extremely reclusive species. Rarely will you ever spot one wandering around– especially during the daytime.

According to the article from the University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg, aardvarks have been forced to switch their feeding to daytime. Located in most of Sub-Saharan Africa, aardvarks solely rely on termites and ants, but now droughts have impacted the growth of vegetation which these insects feed on. Consequently, these harmless mammals are left to scurry along the hot Sahara in search of food.

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The aardvark’s voice

How does this small and delicate creature really connect the dots between the human and natural realm?

Daytime Aardvark sightings are like omens, it’s Mother Nature’s way of telling us the world is scarred and bleeding. These aardvarks are one of the many pure and sentient beings who are struggling to make their way across this treacherous world. They are trying to tell us that they need help and we cannot continue our unsustainable practices.

Climate and Factory Farming are two major knives quietly wounding our Earth. Thousands of animal species are expected to go extinct because of the loss of their habitat, climate, etc. We need to listen to nature’s calls before its too late to turn back.

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