By Ashwin Kaliyaperumal

One of our members, Ashwin Kaliyaperumal, writes about his  perspective on Sentience.

 I believe that everyone should have a safe and comfortable environment to be in. A place to relax, and focus on what they find matters most. I want to bring this experience to everyone through Rook AI and my work with xenobots and nanobots. I also believe that this experience should be felt by both humans and animals. All animals should be free from contamination and pollution that humans have plagued the air and soil with. They should be free to live in a safe and pristine environment that their ancestors once inhabited before we changed it. 

This is why I believe in the Sentient Movement. I want to protect Sentience because, without the animals in the world, we could have never have achieved what we have today. From the horses that helped us travel faster to the dogs and cats that have kept us company, animals have been by our side through our journey as a species. Now, we have the resources to help all the animals in the world, and the Sentient Movement is embodying my belief that all life should have a great place to live.

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