A new part of the human body

By Ashwin Kaliyaperumal

When nanobots become part of our daily lives, will they be made of metal? Right now, a major problem with using nanobots inside the human body is cooperation. Our body has no way of telling what the nanobots are, which causes a negative reaction against the nanobots. This problem could be solved by one simple change; how they are made. With such a new technology, there needs to be a major change in how we make them. Our old ways of making technology are not sufficient; switching to biomaterials is our only option. This material, a polymer called PEDOT, can be integrated by the brain and the nervous system. According to  Dr. David Martin, the lead researcher in PEDOT, noted, “Name your favorite biomolecule, and you can, in principle, make a PEDOT film that has whatever biofunctional group you might be interested in.” 

This means that any part of the human body can be used in tandem with PEDOT. Using PEDOT, humans can control their body, helping them adapt to any circumstance. One idea is using PEDOT to hook your brain to the internet, giving everyone vasts amounts of data whenever they want. Another, more common use, could be helping get rid of the flu or could help quickly fix scratches. If used with other revolutionary bio technologies, like xenobots, it can deliver drugs and medication to specific parts of our body, according to a doctor or a computer.  

The science and technology of nanobots is growing at an astonishing pace and will soon become incorporated in our daily lives.

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