How to save animals

By Allen Ma

One way people can help wild animals is by decreasing the amount of meat they eat. For example, you can eat less beef and eat some broccoli instead. There are laws that forbid people to hunt down some creatures. However,some people don’t follow these laws and still hunt or fish for them. People could protect them by making a device that shows all of the locations of endangered species. When people attempt to kill the animal, he or she would get shocked and  would be forced to run away.

Another way we can protect animals is by adopting them from animal shelters. When animal shelters are full and can’t hold anymore animals, they kill them in a non painful way to make space for other animals. That is why people should adopt animals from animal shelters instead of buying pets from pet stores.  

One final way we can help animals is by not bringing invasive species to places. One example of an invasive attack was when somebody brought two goats to the Galapagos islands and the goat number went up to 250,000 goats! The army attacked the goats but lost to them because there were too many goats. The army had to fly helicopters and kill the goats from above to stop the death of the endangered galapago turtle which was almost extinct. Humans need to keep invasive species from traveling to places they don’t belong. These are only a few of the ways to help the many animals of the world.

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