Last Chance To Saving Our Animal Friends

By: Victoria Bigga

With only 74 of these majestic animals left in the wild, the Southern Resident distinct population segment of Orcas is slowly going extinct. The Orca, colloquially known as the killer whale, has its important purpose in the ecosystem but human activities are causing this species to die out. These Southern Resident Orcas are genetically and behaviorally unique from other types of Orcas in the oceans. Soon there will be no way to save these beautiful mammals.


Giving these living animals civil rights and legal protection could prevent the endangerment of the ecosystem. To take action now is the only way to have a chance at saving this, and other, species. Whenever a species goes extinct, its role in the circle of life is empty and the rest of the ecosystem becomes more fragile as it adapts to this new change. Orca whales are not the only animals teetering on the edge of extinction. For example, there are only seven red wolves left in the natural world, along with dozens of other species close to dying out. 


The image of an Orca is that of fearlessness and power; even the great white shark is afraid of it. It would seem that the Orca has no natural enemies, or does it? In all its power and fierceness, these animals are just as vulnerable to extinction as a little bird or a plant; they cannot protect themselves. The only thing with the ability to protect these powerful creatures is the people who are making them go extinct. I chose this animal to bring about the necessity of legal protection for flora and fauna because of the Orca’s image as an endangered species. One of the most powerful animals, no more able to live than a feeble sprout of grass. When such a strong animal dies out, what type of message does that send to other powerful creatures like ourselves? Are we the next to disappear?


Join me as we explore how this powerful creature has become so vulnerable and so very close to disappearing forever from this our shared earth.

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