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Animal Experimentation

By: Ayush Patel Over one hundred million animals are affected by laboratory experiments and research every year. The research is taken to prove and test the safety of new products for both humans and animals.  The benefits of experimentation on animals are enhanced biomedical and fundamental research, safer results for humans and accurate results for …

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Ocean Acidification

By: Ella What is Ocean Acidification (OA)? The ongoing carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration results in direct consequence in the atmosphere. The ocean absorbs over 25% of all anthropogenic (environmental pollution and pollutants) originating in human activity) emissions from the atmosphere each year, and when the CO2 dissolves in seawater, it forms carbonic acid which decreases …

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Author: Aryan Jain Sustainable Agriculture and Microrobotics We read and hear news about ‘exponential growth’. We take vegetables and fruits for granted. We disregard the immediate vitality of our local farmers to the fabric of society and the national economy.  What does growth in terms of our economy, population, crime rates, and resources really mean …

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Neuron Regeneration and Virus Detection

Author: Aryan Jain Microtechnology has shown extensive developments in the past ten years, especially in the last six months with biocompatible and biodegradable xenobots. Advanced Simulation technology has allowed for more precise and efficient experimentation with microbots; coordination of microbots with artificial intelligence has allowed for self-learning locomotion and spatial recognition. The real-world applications for …

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Rights for Orcas

By: Victoria What We Can Do There are many aspects that play into the role of the extinction of Southern Resident Orcas, all of which humans can be to blame. One of the main sources of prey for these Orcas is the Chinook Salmon, native to the Pacific. Oceanic pollution caused by sewer drainage is …

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