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CDC Legal Wildlife Trade Regulations

By: Presley  Legal wildlife trade, the commerce of products from non-domesticated (wild) animals, oras the Center for Disease Control called it, “disease transmission mechanisms that notonly cause human disease outbreaks but also threaten livestock, international trade,rural livelihoods, native wildlife populations, and the health of ecosystems.” Legal wildlife trade is still destructive and unsustainable, even if …

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The Timeline of Zoonosis

By: Presley  The Spanish Flu of 1918, the deadliest pandemic in history, a composition of H1N1 influenza A virus strains that affected nearly a third of the world. Though many believed the origins of this virus came from rats in war trenches, birds were responsible for human transmission and the spread. Though the Spanish Flu …

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The rise of the Pandemic Era as a result of Legal wildlife trade

Recently the UN released that around 850,000 animal viruses would have a high potential of spreading to humans. One thing that has been left undiscussed is the underlying cause of this current pandemic, Covid 19. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), “Approximately one-quarter of human deaths worldwide are caused by infectious diseases. Of …

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The Dairy Industry

Dairy Farming is a class of agriculture that is focussed on producing milk for the consumption of humans. The technical term for a Dairy cows is “Dam” Cows, like humans, naturally only produce milk to nurture their young; milk is only produced when a cow gives birth to her young. Since this is the main …

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